All The Stuff

by the insides

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guitar, vox, and drums written and recorded by Joey LoPresti
bass written and recorded by Ian Gallagher

recorded in Joey's basement with one acoustic guitar,
one bass guitar, one snare, one bass drum,
and a whole lot of allergies


released November 10, 2014



all rights reserved


the insides Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

the insides is

Joey LoPresti
Ian Gallagher
Mark Ryan

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Track Name: STUFF
i wanna feel good
never knew i could
i am trying
sometimes i think that i am dying
i am running
from all the stuff i always wanted
but i am tired
i am tired

i wanna feel good
never thought i would
maybe, I'm a quitter
but i wanna be a winner maybe
do you know me?
will you be the one to show me?
do you know me?
will you be the one to grow me?
Track Name: LUCKY
you could fix my shoes
if i wanted you too
place them on the counter
and i'll pick them up in an hour
i know, i'm a coward

im so sick of buying things that
aren't worth the contract
so mediocre
but then again, what am i?
i am the same

i just want to find a better treasure
Track Name: CLOUDY
i wake up in different houses
i'm always confused
you wake up in different blouses
with the one you choose
little memory
always clouded
always stuck inside
i don't want to talk about it
but i don't know why

seperate my tendencies
they're always breaking
defending me
i know something you don't know
i am nothing i have shown
Track Name: DROP
you can't stop
got to go far away
you're a drop
you're mind is made
you won't stop
the drugs are glued
you wonder why
no one trusts you
you're going up again

i want you to know you can
start a new life again
accept the person you've become
know how you feel, i really don't

i know its hard to keep yourself going
I'm sure this sort of thing is so controlling
take the pain you have and embrace it
only thing you can do to erase it
Track Name: FIGHTS
settle down and loose the bitterness
learn to see what you have is what is left
reason up, i know i try myself
all in all we all believe in hell

bad fights have to end
because the morning comes again
and the trees still grow in the dirt
and i don't want to worry about hurt

let it go you know its not that serious
make an effort to be bigger
feel the breeze, we'll be alright
sometimes you have to lay up at night