by the insides

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Joey played guitar and sang
Ian played bass
Mark played drums
all songs written by the insides
recorded and mixed by Dan and James
at the Sex Dungeon
mastered by Alex Nagle
art by Ian and Joey


released November 6, 2015



all rights reserved


the insides Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

the insides is

Joey LoPresti
Ian Gallagher
Mark Ryan

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Track Name: Aroundonyou
living in your little hell
making problems for myself
i don't want to pry no more
all around on you
the sweetest heart
where are you going?
life is not that hard
here we go again
again, a gem, again

piles of the finer things
looking at me falling in
i am not what you deserve
coming down off you again
but i don't wanna try
without ever going
you're the brightest kind
appearing like a gem
Track Name: Bamboo
sat alone the morning woke up in me
feeling cold i knew id go willingly
summer blues its all for you and jersey
sifting through the normal truth is buried

i don't know where i will be

patterns show and tend to grow like bamboo
strong enough to break my tooth just like you
coloring me all the way to box rooms
other than that part of me i always lose

i don't know where i will be
things that i have blown
will never come back to me
Track Name: Somewhere To Be
i let you crawl on my mountain hand
somewhere to be we all understand
is what we need just to keep busy
passing man made time
thats what you do to fit in

just be alive before you die
just be the light that works sometimes
just close your eyes what do you see?
theres got to be a better way

so depressing to want to be anything
and we sit and pick like it makes a difference
but all it is

somewhere to be
somewhere to be
Track Name: Craters
floating in the universe
its taking me away from earth
no one will ever know you and me
existed temporarily
and i would sit in the depths of craters
to find the love i never gave her
floating in the universe
a dream of mine just here on earth

if were all gonna die
i wanna be spaghettified
pulled apart by gravity
a whole new world for you and me
Track Name: Dust
dust in my lungs
i climb the burning
its all for us
the rest is for the learning
i am one of them
m i s u n d e r s t a n d i n g s
i am everything i hate

but i figured out what I'm doing wrong
if i could just see you now
i am the dust laying on carpet rust
pick me up